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We're working in and advising clients on all quality and risk management related topics

Exceptia provides wealth of experience and expertise, industry knowledge and know how, and personal commitment to every client. Over the past five years, Exceptia has been on the leading front providing quality and risk management services to one of the most prestigious automotive brands in Europe with their electric automotive developments and products.

our values


We have worked with various luxury and high end automotive brands. We know the best practice and what works. Quality in our work is non negotiable. We take a holistic approach to quality management from sourcing, multi-tier supplier management to customer delivery.

client centric

Whether it is an early warning or escalation for significant risks, we are always by your side. We tailor our approach to your requirements and risk management framework and standards. We also work with your key stakeholders, inside and outside your organisation.


We work side by side with you, your suppliers and customers where required. Our hands-on work approach ensures that you and your management obtain risk-based and fact-based information and findings in a timely manner, to allow you to make swift and appropriate decisions.

agility/ global

We are global and experienced. We work with various cultures and speak various languages. We work in a dynamic and challenging environment.


Flexibility is core to our work at Exceptia, especially in the after pandemic world. We tailor our working rhythm and technology according to your needs. We go on-site at your facilities and supplier sites whenever required to ensure you have full control of quality and risk management of your entire value chain.

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Your ROI from investment in quality is your customer trust and satisfaction

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